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Who we are

GEPPS/UFS is a research laboratory dedicated to the study, research, and practice of Health Psychology in Brazil. The lab is composed from undergraduate to graduate students in Psychology at the Federal University of Sergipe, focusing on the analysis of psychological adjustment and mental health in the face of adversities, especially in the interface with public health.

About us

The GEPPS/UFS was created in 2013 aiming to contribute to the development, advancement, and consolidation of the Health Psychology area in Brazil. The lab main interface is based on the Public Mental Health field, which reflects the interplay of psychological studies and Public Health at individual and community levels. 


The lab focuses on a wide range of fields, research topics, and different populations from a broad perspective. Since the beginning, there was an awareness of a national research gap on evidence-based studies on the Health psychology and Public Health areas. This gap presented (and continues to present) numerous possibilities for scientific investigation, justifying the lab's wide range of interests and research topics.


We have a predominantly quantitative and cognitive-oriented approach. However, the lab also develops research on interdisciplinary areas, such as Psychometrics, Clinical Psychology, and Social Health Psychology. GEPPS's research interests are guided by theories of stress, coping, and health behavior change. Study population included in our research can be both the normative population, those not presenting clinical health conditions at the moment, and also those with chronic and acute diseases.

Contact info

If you are interested in learning more about the lab, collaborations, or have any questions, please contact us via email at

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