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Educational Booklets

We are making educational booklets available on various topics in the fields of Health and Clinical Psychology. This material was produced by students of the undergraduate Psychology course at the Federal University of Sergipe, under the guidance of Professor Andre Faro, PhD.

It is expected that these booklets, available online and free of charge, will be useful to the public, healthcare professionals, and health communicators. Feel free to read and share this material! If you want to use the material for purposes other than personal use, remember to properly credit the authors.

Booklets with psychoeducational purpose that can be addressed in therapy or as a point of interest for the general public:

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy?

Authors: Beatriz Oliveira, Isis S. Correia, Júlia Nunes.

Motivation for Change

Authors: Luiz G. Lima-Silva, Mariana Santana, Soane Lima.

Social Skills

Authors: Beatriz Lima, José W. Santos.

Negative Filter

Authors: Iasmin Viana, Laura Oliveira, Rafaela Andrade.


Authors: Samantha Oliveira, Victoria Verdan.

Suicidal Behavior

Authors: Brena Pereira, Mariana Silva, Raquel Lima.

Booklets with a psychoeducational purpose regarding psychological aspects related to physical illness:

Psychological aspects in individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Authors: Beatriz Oliveira, Euler Rodrigues, Kellyana Figueredo, Yasmin Souza.

Fibromyalgia: Chronic Stress and Coping Strategies

Authors: Erick Araújo, Erin Carvalho, Isis S. Correia, Nicolly Ribeiro, Rose Cavalcante.

Psoriasis and Depressive Symptoms

Authors: Leticia Souza, Marta Barbosa, Pollyana Oliveira.

Problem-Solving and Mental Health

Authors: Ana Beatriz Pimentel, Leonardo Lobo, Pollyana Silveira.

Vaginismus and Self-Esteem

Authors: Júlia Nunes, Maria Clara Guimarães, Maria Heloísa Souza e Vanessa Farias.

Living with Crohn's Disease

Authors: Lorena Andrade, Samara Pina, Soane Lima, Victor Leão.

What is self-harm? - A booklet for teenagers

Authors: Luiz G. Lima-Silva, Júlia Nunes.

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